Even if you’re more a fan of the DIY home renovation, having a professional engineer around is highly recommended.

One of the most common questions our consultants get asked is “when do I need to consult an engineer on a home project?” And when people don’t ask this, we often get calls because they now need costly renovations, professional fixes, or home systems replaced.

Here's When You Should Call In The Professionals For An Evaluation
  • When you are doing any work that involves the structure of the house itself, which includes the ceiling or flooring work, roofing, basement remodeling, knocking out a wall or part of a wall, replacing or removing posts, digging up an area around the house, or making changes to the building’s foundation.
  • When you are doing any work on the plumbing, heating or electrical systems.
Don't Wait To Consult With An Engineer

All of our home engineers are part of Engineers Canada, which is why we recommend them to everyone in need in the Vancouver, BC area. If you’re looking to make huge changes to your home or commercial building or even minor alterations that affect any of the above-mentioned aspects of a building, you’ll want to have an engineer come in to give your plans a look-through.

Our Engineers Are Qualified

Our structural engineers are fully up to date on regulatory codes for the region and can make sure that your renovations or construction meet those regulations. With years of experience, our civil engineers can identify potential problems quickly and provide alternative solutions that would save you headaches or avoid complete catastrophes down the line.

Structural Analysis Of A Resident

If you’re planning on making changes to the structure of your home, calling in our team to analyze the space and the plan is the recommended course of action. We firmly believe that it’s always better to be safe than sorry, because we know just how damaging even a slight modification can be if it is done incorrectly. What we won’t do is sell you on our services just to get your business—we have complete respect for the Do It Yourselfer—but keep in mind that if a project becomes too frustrating or too time consuming, we have a wide range of other services offered that can help you finish your project quickly and within your allotted budget!

Purchasing A New Home Or Building

If you’re considering purchasing a new home, it is highly recommended that one of our engineers looks over the structures and systems of the building prior to making any life-changing decisions. There are often hidden problems in older homes—and sometimes even newly constructed homes—which could be problematic and costly for you in the future. Giving your potential purchase a once-over will allow you to move forward with confidence.

Commercial Assessments

We provide commercial engineering assessments for all types of commercial and industrial buildings, which includes making sure the building is up to code and meets proper zoning restrictions.

What Are You Waiting For?

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