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If you’re looking for building demolition contractors, wood or metal framing and drywall services in North Vancouver, BC, we just might be the team for you. We offer up zero obligation consultations for any home or commercial building.

Our commercial and home demolition services cover entire buildings or specific areas to allow for home renovations to take place.

Each demolition project we undertake includes a hazmat assessment of the site to ensure that all local and national standards are met and that there is no potential for the demolition project to release contaminants that would be harmful to the property or people in residence.

Demolition Services

Our Services Include:

  • Commercial demolition for all business types
  • Commercial/Industrial demolition and dismantling services
  • Turnkey Services
  • Residential demolition (single-family homes, apartments, townhouse or condos)
  • Total or partial interior/exterior demolition work
  • Concrete, cement and asphalt demolition and removal
  • Hauling services to the local dump
Don't Worry, We Pay Close Attention

Our demolition contractors pay serious attention to detail from the initial inspection and throughout the demolition services when we haul the debris to the dump. All of our projects are scheduled using our best project management practices to keep the demo project within the allotted time frame and within the agreed upon budget.

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If you’re looking for a demolition company, give us a call today for a an estimate and we’ll give you our very best customer service from the moment we pick up the phone.

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Framing And Drywall

Framing and drywall are two key elements that deserve high levels of detail and attention throughout the building process, because they will lead to the final structure and shape of your building.

We've Got You Covered

We handle metal and wood stud framing with a high standard of quality service to make sure you get the best work possible, with no hidden costs. We’ll also ensure that the smallest details are included in our service package, including backers for cabinets and handrails, crowning wall studs to be unanimously facing the same direction, and not skimping on the screws when it comes to securing the subfloors across the areas of the building that will receive the most traffic.

Our Drywall Services Are Meticulously Executed Every Time

We firmly believe that drywall installation is a craft, not an afterthought, in the construction process, which is why our team is only finished with the drywall when we’re 100% sure that the lines are clean, and the work has been completed precisely. We know how important drywall is in the finished product—it is, after all, what you see every day.

Tenant And Office Improvements

For our commercial clients, we also specialize in tenant or office improvements. Whether you’re looking for drywall repair or installation services, or a complete new build-out within your building, we’ll put our knowledge to work for you and give you the best results at an affordable price.

Needing Help Creating Your Vision?

We offer consultations with our design experts. We will walk you through your various options for your construction and framing designs and provide access to our virtual and visual aids to assist you in envisioning your new space. Step by step through the whole process we're there for you to make sure you have a renovation you can be proud of for years to come. 

What Are You Waiting For?

For commercial or house demolition services in North Vancouver and across the Lower Mainland, contact us today and we’ll set you up with a consultation with one of our Project Advisors right away.

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