Did you know that you can build your dream home without breaking the bank?

Cookie cutter houses might be all the rage for large construction companies to manufacture quickly but designing your dream house from the ground up is much more satisfying and you don’t have to make concessions about areas in your home that you and your family need most.

Don't Wait For It

We all have the picture of what our dream home design would look like, but what you might not realize is that designing your home is an achievable goal you can get started on today, rather than dreaming that someday you’ll have a house perfectly suited to you.

We'll Walk You Through It

Dream home design is something that we excel at and our expert home builders work with you each step of the way through the design process, project management, and acquiring the perfect piece of land that will allow you and your family to turn into the perfect home.

Home Building Experts

Many people are starting from the ground up (literally!) when they start the process of building their dream home. For those who have not found the perfect location yet, our team of Real Estate Experts are here to help. We’ll be able to assess what your needs are and ideal locations to help you narrow down your search.

Site Evaluations

For those that have found a plot of land they are interested in turning into their dream home, our qualified team can conduct site evaluations on the property to make sure there aren’t any pitfalls that would put a snag in your building project. Here are a few of the conditions we evaluate during our inspection:

  • Lot Size: is it the right size to meet your needs?
  • Soil & drainage
  • Grading
  • Zoning compliance
  • Compliance with local government regulations
Design Process

When it comes to the design process, some clients have a full idea of what they’d like their dream home to be, while others need assistance flushing out their ideas. We can help in either case! Our team will not only help you draw up architectural plans, but we’ll also handle the obtainment of the correct approval and permits needed to get started on the building process.

Building Phase And Project Management

If you want to design your dream house, then the last step in the process is to bring the architectural plans to life. If you already have the plans drawn up, the next thing you need is a strong project management team to make sure everything goes according to plan, and your home is designed on time and within budget. Our team can ensure that you hire the right contractors for the job, that attention is paid to every detail and that your home is constructed with the best materials that will allow it to last for decades to come.

Needing Help Creating Your Vision?

We offer consultations with our design experts. We will walk you through your various options for your home designs and provide access to our virtual and visual aids to assist you in envisioning your new space. Step by step through the whole process we're there for you to make sure you have a renovation you can be proud of for years to come. 

Turn Your Vision Into A Reality

For more information, give us a call today to set up a meeting with our team. We work directly with our clients in Vancouver, B.C. through every step of the home building process and take on the more frustrating aspects of home building so that you can thoroughly enjoy the process from start to finish!

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