Our expert professional draftsmen and architects are eager to work with you.

Every great renovation begins with a good layout. When you begin a new design project with us, our experts will give you an idea of the final vision for your space, whether we create detailed proposed renovation drawings and renderings, or work with existing drawings. Plans make it possible for us to turn your dreams into reality. 


Architectural plans form the foundation of a dream home or office.

Our team of architects envision not only how your home or office can look, but also how you’ll be living or working in it. We can develop ideas for your space you didn’t know were possible. With our experience in Custom New Build Design, we can provide a wide array of possibilities for your space, and can show you examples at our 360 Building Centre. 


We’re proud to have designed many projects for a long list of satisfied clients.

We take pride in the design of every new space, but also the details and functionalities you need at home or at your business. In addition to architectural design for residential homes, we’re also experienced in commercial tenant improvement design.

Our architects are experienced in:

  • Existing & Proposed Renovation Drawings 
  • Custom New Build Design 
  • Commercial Tenant Improvement Design 
  • Exterior & Interior Renderings


There's No Obligation With Us  

With a zero-obligation consultation from our highly-qualified team, you can review your options and receive a price quote on the project right away. Our number one goal is to never pressure our clients into making decisions before they’re ready, for if we did, our satisfaction ratings would tank! We’ll be there with you through each step of the process to narrow down your style and your needs and give you time to think it over before you make a final decision.

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