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Your travel budget need not go to waste in 2020. Inject those funds into home improvements with 360 Home Renovations.

Your travel plans for 2020 may have been postponed, but there’s no need to be disappointed. At 360 Home Renovations we have a glass-half-full mentality — and we like to see this as an opportunity for homeowners. The renovations you’ve been putting off were just injected with funds from your travel budget. Now’s a perfect time to add value to your home with a remodelling job that functions perfectly for your family.

Let’s think about those missed travels as a way to invest in your property and improve your home life.


We were going to honeymoon in Bora Bora

Here in Metro Vancouver, an average to luxury kitchen reno costs about $150-$300 per square foot. While a kitchen overhaul can be the fastest way to blow your reno budget, it’s also the space that increases your property’s resale value the most. A good rule of thumb when budgeting for this space is to never go over 15% of the total property value. For example, a property valued at $1,000,000 should keep their kitchen spend under $150,000, including all material and labour.

Back to Bora Bora. Two round trip flights from YVR to PPT will run you at least $5,000 — in economy. And we all know you were going five-star for that honeymoon hotel, dinners, and spa days. Cha-ching! Invest that money into the heart — and stomach — of your home.

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There goes my ladies’ weekend in Napa

There’s nothing like a weekend away with friends to recharge and rest. Unless, of course, you trade 72 hours of sipping wine and the spa for daily retreats to the bathroom of your dreams. This sauna installation for one of our clients adds a warm aesthetic and off-the-charts relaxing function to their modern bathroom. Bathrooms are another great space to improve your property value and show off your personal style. We love when a client is brave enough to choose a statement bathtub or colourful vanity. 


We missed our annual golf trip in Scottsdale

Basements are often overlooked. They end up being a catchall or place to keep the kids out of your hair. However, your basement is key living space for you to maximize your square footage. Whether you’re into arts and crafts, watching four games at once, or simply extending your living space, let this area reflect you and your family’s individualism. For the price of a few rounds at Troon, you could be watching The Masters this weekend in your own home theatre.


We were supposed to take the kids to Disneyland

You didn’t get the Splash Mountain photo or the mouse ears — we know you would have worn them just as proudly as your six-year-old — but that means you have the opportunity to make your home the happiest place on earth. Take a page from the Danes, the happiest people in the world, and hygge up your outdoor space with an open-air living room, complete with TV, fireplace, and cozy couch and blankets.


A renovation will undoubtedly improve all of this extra time at home. These home improvements will also raise your property value — giving you plenty of travel dollars to spend frivolously in 2021. Curious about your renovation budget or how you can increase your resale price? Reach out to our team or pop by our showroom.


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