Kitchen remodel with clean lines, white cabinetry, island seating and statement light fixtures; design and build by 360 Home Renovations.

If you’re like most of us in Metro Vancouver, you spent a good portion of your extra time indoors this year watching HGTV makeover shows. You’ve scrolled Instagram posts of your dream kitchen and created Pinterest boards to inspire your future home remodel. We’re here to turn those bookmarked visions into reality — let’s start with the kitchen. It’s one of our favorite rooms to renovate, as it’s the beating heart of every home.

The pillars of this room are the appliances, cabinets, and countertops. Remodeling gives you the opportunity to really customize these three components to create the most functional, yet beautiful space. Here are some things to keep in mind for each:



Let’s get cooking. Appliances are the starting point in every kitchen remodel. And when it comes to choosing appliances, it’s all about how your family functions.

  • What are your needs? 
  • Who lives in your home?

If you entertain often, you’ll benefit from a two-oven stack to aid with meal timing at a dinner party. Or, just as or more importantly, a wine fridge. For a large family, perhaps a farmhouse sink and high-capacity dishwasher are at the top of your necessity list. And if you’re someone who just enjoys the finer things, you’ll want the new It-piece that every dream kitchen deserves: a luxe, built-in coffee maker.

With so many stylish and innovative appliances on the market, we can tailor our kitchens to our unique requirements. Whether you’re after the clean look of stainless steel, the sophisticated utility of built-ins, or the convenience and tech appeal of smart appliances, you can achieve both function and style with your remodel. Trail Appliances is our go-to supplier of choice, but we’ll happily work with your favourite dealer or brands. 



Cabinets aren’t just storage. They set the stage for the overall feel and style of a kitchen. Whether you choose a bright and fresh white-all-over, a rustic natural wood with a mix of glass and solid fronts, or a trendy color-block design, your cabinetry choices determine your kitchen’s aesthetic. Have fun here!  

We know that homeowners in Metro Vancouver have great taste. Let the style of your cabinet choices reflect your personality — and create the ultimate storage spaces for your kitchen.

Notable trends:

  • Return of natural wood
  • Darker hue on bottom, lighter hue on top
  • Bright blues — especially at a kitchen island
  • Built-in appliances to keep a beautiful flow of cabinetry while cleverly masking the fridge and freezer




Like cabinets, your countertops are a key component in your kitchen’s visual appeal and will tie your kitchen’s style together. A clean white marble complements a bolder cabinet choice, while a peppery granite adds a textured layer. With a wide range of options, your countertop choice can be the shiny cherry on top of a stunning luxury kitchen, or an understated, functional workspace for your busy family.

A couple of things to consider:

When to save – countertops are an excellent area to cut costs on a budget. If you’ve decided to upgrade your appliances and have chosen high-end cabinetry, new countertop materials are a great way to reallocate your budget. If you choose a more economical countertop – it’s easy to upgrade your countertops on their own down the road. On the other hand, splurging on a countertop gives a kitchen the wow-factor you’re going for. If that’s a priority, some countertops are worth the investment.

Durability – what kind of wear-and-tear will your countertops experience? If you have young kids, or cook with a lot of vibrant foods that stain, maybe white isn’t for you! White stone counters can absorb colour even with quick spill clean-up. Consider wear-and-tear based on the kitchen traffic within your family. This is where we’d recommend a durable granite or something similar. If your household is gentle on kitchen surfaces, go big for your countertops.

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